Vision Source Exchange 2023: Anticipations and Plans

Vision Source Exchange 2023: Anticipations and Plans

The annual Vision Source Exchange (VSE) conference is hosted by Vision Source, one of the largest cooperative buying groups and networks of independent opticians and optometrists in North America. The Vision Source Exchange 2023 is slated for June 15–18 in Las Vegas. Anticipated to attract over 3,000 attendees, this esteemed industry gathering presents intriguing revelations and perspectives on the future of autonomous eyecare professionals.

A Look Back at Vision Source Exchange 2022

To gain a sense of what to potentially expect at VSE 2023, it’s helpful to recap some of the key highlights from last year’s conference in Atlanta. The overarching theme for Vision Source Exchange 2022 was “Focus on Growth”, underscoring the exponential expansion and success independent ODs and optical retailers had undergone despite the challenges posed by the pandemic over the preceding two years.

On the practice growth front, Vision Source unveiled several new marketing solutions to help members gain visibility and connect with patients, including advanced SEO services, reputation management tools, updated branding packages and website functionality. The company also expanded its roster of premier frame lines and lens products at exclusive pricing. New managed vision care partnerships were announced, enabling independent eyecare professionals to tap into the MA market, which accounts for over 60% of all vision care purchases annually.

Some other major announcements included the launch of CLIC Care Delivery, an innovative home-based contact lens subscription service that members can seamlessly integrate into their business. Vision Source also acquired DIOPTRA, a leading medical eyecare software platform, and demonstrated how its digital suite of solutions can maximize practice efficiency and the patient experience.

To support ongoing education, Vision Source Fundamentals Academy and the Optical Training Center both highlighted new learning formats and courses tailored to help ECPs and their staff master the latest in clinical care, optical skills and practice growth techniques.

The 2023 Vision Source Exchange Conference

If last year’s event is any indicator, VSE 2023 is also gearing up to be visionary, high-energy and insight-packed. As the flagship industry gathering for the independent channel, it offers a unique platform for education, networking and discovering new products and services to elevate every aspect of an eyecare practice.

Here’s a preview of some key things anticipated at VSE 2023:

Vision Source’s Outlook for the Year Ahead
The opening general session typically provides an overview of Vision Source’s growth strategy for the coming year along with new solutions and partnerships in the pipeline. With the company’s focus on supporting independent ECP success, expect bold announcements that reinforce their market leadership position.

Practice Marketing and Management

A perennial highlight of the VSE agenda is revealing new innovations to bolster practice growth and efficiency. We can anticipate introductions of cutting-edge marketing tactics for patient acquisition and engagement, enhanced website functionality and updates on the DIOPTRA platform. More managed vision care partnerships may also enter the mix.

Premier Frames & Lens Products

A main attraction of the Vision Source Exchange lies in the ability for eye care professionals to interact first-hand with over 200 suppliers and vendors under one roof. Vendors vigorously compete to provide the best pricing on premium branded frames and quality lens options. Expect lens promotions spotlighting the latest in materials and coatings for superior visual acuity and frame deals from top designer brands like Coach, Oakley, Costa Del Mar and more.

Specialty Contact Lens Track

Each year, the specialty contact lens education track allows attendees to immerse themselves in learning opportunities focused explicitly on fitting and practice integration of specialty contact lenses. Look for jampacked sessions covering new modalities like orthokeratology and myopia control as well as best practices for fitting sclerals, multifocals and other specialty lenses.

Next Generation of Eyecare Professionals

Cultivating the next generation of passionate independent eyecare professionals remains a priority for Vision Source. From students to ECPs early in their careers, expect to see expanded educational offerings, networking receptions and mentorship opportunities catered to this vital audience.

What Role Will Mood Changing Colors Play at Vision Source Exchange 2023?

At Vision Source Exchange 2023, the science behind mood changing colors will take center stage. With a focus on creating inviting and calming environments, the use of these colors can positively impact the mood and mindset of customers, making their experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Eyewear Fashion Show & LIVE Optical

Introducing patients to the latest eyewear fashion trends can be extremely effective for retail sales growth. The Armchair Fashion Show allows attendees to preview styles likely to resonate with their demographics back home. Meanwhile, LIVE Optical puts on a runway showcase spotlighting trending frames and lens combinations modeled by ECPs themselves.

Vision Source Fundamentals Academy

The Academy which focuses on foundational optometric education has become an anchor at VSE. We can expect 2023 to bring innovative session formats like interactive workshops, hands-on labs and small group discussions across four educational tracks centered around medical eyecare, ocular disease, optics/refraction and contact lenses. Hot clinical topics may cover dry eye, myopia management, glaucoma testing and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

Wrap Up

From announcements regarding the future direction of the independent eyecare market to exciting new products and leading-edge education sessions, the 2023 Vision Source Exchange promises valuable takeaways for doctors and retailers alike. As the pinnacle event for the industry’s premier cooperative, attendees can expect visionary insights, high-energy networking and tangible resources for practice growth and clinical excellence in the coming year.

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