Discover the Efficiency: Prism Contact Lenses

Discover the Efficiency: Prism Contact Lenses

Have you ever felt like you were seeing double when trying to read something up close? Or maybe you sometimes get headaches and eye strain when working on your laptop? Most of us assume these issues are just part of everyday life, but what if we told you there was a simple solution?

What Are Prism Lenses?

Prism lenses aren’t something you hear about often, but they can be total game-changers if you deal with certain vision problems. Prism lenses bend light to help both eyes work together properly. When your eyes don’t line up exactly right, it puts a ton of strain on your brain. Prism lenses take the pressure off so you can focus clearly and comfortably.

Do you remember learning about prisms in science class? They use that same technology to fine-tune vision. Pretty wild how such a basic principle makes such a big difference!

Over 60% of people have some degree of eyesight misalignment. But since symptoms can be mild at first, many never realize prism lenses could bring them relief.

When To Consider Prism Lenses

Double vision is the most obvious sign prisms could help. If you sometimes see overlapping or ghost-like images, prism lenses can combine them into one clear picture.

But prisms also treat some tricky symptoms you may not connect to vision problems:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Eye strain
  • Blurry vision
  • Problems with depth perception
  • Poor night vision or light sensitivity
  • Neck, back, or shoulder pain

If you deal with any of those on a regular basis, don’t just brush them off! Making a small prism adjustment could reduce unnecessary strain on your eyes and brain.

Over 35% of patients see improvements in headaches and eye fatigue after getting prism lenses. So if you’re fed up with discomfort that seems to have no cause, it’s worth looking into!

Big Drawback of Old School Prisms

Standard prism lenses used to only work at one distance. So you’d need a different prism reading glasses prescription than your normal glasses prescription.

Remembering two slightly different prescriptions? No thanks! Plus having to switch pairs of glasses in and out is a hassle.

But the prism contacts and glasses technology has gotten an upgrade….

Enter Contoured Prism Lenses

Contoured prism lenses give you seamless vision at any range. The amount of prism gradually changes in the lens, keeping your eyes perfectly aligned whether you’re gazing at a mountain or reading a book. Talk about efficiency!

The pioneer behind this brilliant design is a company called Neurolenses. Their Neurolenses measure your eyes’ misalignment with extreme precision. Then custom lenses are made with just the right prescription.

So instead of trying to make standard prism lenses work, you get maximum comfort tailored to your needs. Nearly 90% of Neurolens wearers report feeling less eye fatigue.

They’ve Thought of Everything

The creators of Neurolenses thought through how to make the design totally practical:

  • The lenses come in regular plastic or polycarbonate materials so they can go in any frames.
  • Measurements are obtained with a specialized digital device called the nMD2. It tracks over 10,000 data points on your eyes in seconds, making prescribing a breeze.
  • You can even demo Neurolenses with fake prescription lenses first to see if you like the results before ordering the custom set. Smart!

They also have an extensive patient questionnaire that spots subtle clues someone may benefit from contoured prism. If you struggle with dry eyes, dizziness, light sensitivity, or neck/shoulder issues, Neurolenses could be the missing link.

So to get tested, you don’t have to complain of outright double vision. Just ask your eye doctor about the Neurolens options if you deal with fuzzy vision, strain, or discomfort.

Are Prism Contact Lenses Considered a Fashionable Choice for Gen Z?

Prism contact lenses are becoming a fashionable choice for Gen Z glasses. These innovative lenses provide a unique way to express personal style and stand out from the crowd. As fashion trends continue to evolve, more and more young people are embracing these trendy and practical eyewear options.

But Can Prisms Go In Contacts?

We know you contacts wearers are wondering – can I get these magical prism lenses in my contacts? Unfortunately, it is rare for prisms to work well in contacts. The materials tend to be too flexible.

However, some patients with very specific types of double vision can wear specialty rigid gas permeable contacts with prism. These maintain the right positioning to realign images.

So don’t lose hope! But do know that prism lenses have more limitations in contacts vs eyeglasses. If glasses are an option for you, that’s often the best way to introduce prism correction.

Vision Therapy Takes it A Step Further

If you want to fully rehabilitate eyesight issues like double vision or poor depth perception, prism contacts and glasses can be combined with vision therapy. This technique uses exercises and activities along with prisms to re-train the eyes and brain.

Some of the activities involved in vision therapy include:

  • Tracking objects moving side to side or in circles
  • Catching balls tossed from different directions
  • Reading text on a clipboard held closer or farther away
  • Walking heel to toe while keeping your vision steady

It sounds almost like physical therapy but for your eyes! The prism lenses make images clearer during the drills, helping cement new neural pathways.

Over 85% of patients see long-term improvement in depth perception after prism vision therapy. And the benefits continue even without wearing prisms constantly afterwards. Talk about life changing!

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Hopefully now you know prism correction isn’t some obscure medical mystery. On the contrary, it’s an easy way to wipe out all sorts of frustrating vision problems!

Next time you have an eye exam, ask your eye doctor whether prisms could help if you deal with any wavering, shadowy images, eye discomfort, or headaches. Or if contacts aren’t your thing, look into getting a demo of Neurolenses.

You don’t have to just manage headache pain or eye tiredness anymore thanks to modern prism science. Committee to clear vision and total eye zen with prism lens efficiency!

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