Aesthetics & Comfort of Clark Glasses

Aesthetics & Comfort of Clark Glasses

Have you noticed more people sporting those chunky, retro-looking eyeglass frames lately? You know the ones I’m talking about – big, bold, kinda nerdy, very hip. Those are most likely Clark glasses, my friend. This iconic American eyewear brand has made a major comeback thanks to the resurgence of decades-old style trends.

But beyond the aesthetic appeal, what makes Clark glasses such a popular choice these days? As with any eyewear, it comes down to the right balance of good looks and comfort. While the aesthetics are subjective and trend-driven, the comfort depends largely on getting the perfect anatomical fit.

In this article, we’ll break down the key factors that make Clark glasses not only visually striking but also easy to wear. I’ll fill you in on the story behind the signature Clark look, customization options to match your personal style, how the frames complement your facial features, optimal lenses for clear and comfortable vision, durability considerations, care and maintenance tips, and how Clark compares to other brands.

So whether you’re due for a new pair of bespectacled eyes or just admiring from afar, read on for the inside scoop on evaluating both the aesthetics and comfort of the iconic Clark glasses!

Aesthetics of Clark Glasses

Style and Design Trends

Those colorful, chunky Clark frames scream retro chic. Drawing inspiration from classic 1950s and 60s era trends, they feature thick acrylic frames in fun, bold hues. It’s a vintage nerd-chic look that’s come back in vogue.

In fact, according to vision care experts, the recent rise of oversized, chunky frames increased sales of women’s eyeglasses by over 30% in 2022 alone. Both Millenials and Gen Xers seem to be fueling demand. And the #clarkglasses hashtag has over 65,000 posts and counting on Instagram.

Unlike rimless or wire frames that dominated the 2000s, Clark glasses make a statement. The extra “real estate” also gives you more space to express your personal flair. So if you’re looking to upgrade your eyewear game, the vibrant Clark collection is a great way to keep pace with current trends.

Customization Options

With Clark eyewear, you’ve got options – lots of them! Their collections offer today’s in-demand color palettes and frame shapes to complement different face shapes. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Some bestselling colors include Crystalline Azure, Blush Tortoise, Crystal Mint, Dark Chocolate Fade, Translucent Fuchsia Fade and Matte Black. Frame shapes range from rounded and geometric to cat eye and aviator.

You can also select lens material, type (single vision, progressives, etc.) and treatments like blue light filtering. Plus Clark offers a custom measurement service for frames to ensure optimal fit.

Bottom line – with so many stylish customizations, it’s easy to make their retro frames uniquely you. Sport that Clark look without compromising vision needs or personal taste.

Visual Impact

Here’s where form meets function. Clark’s bolder frames don’t just accentuate your features, they can also help balance facial proportions.

For instance, cat eye and aviator shapes lengthen low-set eyes or make a longer face appear wider. Rounded John Lennon-style frames soften angular jawlines and complement oval or heart shaped faces.

And the transparent or mixed color patterns minimize a “shrinking” effect that black plastic frames can have on aging faces. The result is a vibrant, youthful look.

It’s called optical illusion, my friends. Clark’s edgier, playful frames reshapes your visage, bringing out your best assets. Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the bespectacled beholder!

Are Clark Glasses Both Aesthetically Pleasing and Comfortable to Wear?

When examining aesthetics and comfort, Clark glasses are a top choice. Their sleek design and variety of frames cater to different styles, ensuring that wearers feel confident in their look. Additionally, the lightweight materials and adjustable nose pads offer a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Comfort of Wearing Clark Glasses

Ergonomic Fit

Like your favorite kicks, if the fit ain’t right, you’re gonna feel it. And we all know that uncomfortable glasses end up abandoned on your nightstand rather than perched on your nose where they belong.

Lucky for us, ergonomic design has come a long way since the days of pinch-y nose bridges and loose earpieces. Clark frames are designed for optimal balance and grip. Here’s what to look for:

  • Bridge size – This is the width between the lenses. Make sure your pupils are centered in the frames when looking straight ahead. Too wide and glasses will slide down; too narrow creates pressure.
  • Ear grip – Curved metal or rubberized tips should tuck behind the outer ear for a tight but comfy hold.
  • Nose pads – Padded bridge rests should distribute weight evenly without excessive pressure points.
  • Weight – Acrylic Clark frames weigh less than metal counterparts. Combined with proper fit, you’ll barely notice them on your face.

When initially selecting Clark eyewear, ask your optician to measure your head, nose bridge, and temples to find just the right specimen for full-day wear.

Lens Type

Vision clarity and visual comfort go hand-in-hand. No matter how chic the frames, you won’t wear glasses that distort images or strain your eyes.

Clark offers a variety of lens materials and types:

  • Single vision – Best for focusing at one distance only with minimal peripheral distortion. Available with or without reading magnification.
  • Bifocals – Correct both distance and near vision but have an obvious visible line.
  • Progressives – No-line lenses for seamless transitions between different focal points. Provide the widest fields of clear vision.

Work with your optometrist to select the best lens type for your vision needs and lifestyle. They’ll consider your prescription strength, age, hobbies and more.

Also ask about special lens treatments to block glare and harmful blue light for all-day visual comfort. With the right lenses behind the right frames, you’ve got the perfect optical package!


Unlike flimsy frames of decades past, today’s Clark glasses are built to last. They craft frames from durable hypoallergenic polymers – the highest quality plastics for eyewear.

The thick lines are surprisingly flexible, bouncing back instead of snapping when occasionally stepped on. The sturdy builds also tolerates small fixes like tightened screws better over time without breaking.

Certain metal accents like nose pads and stem tips do weaken eventually. But overall, expect reliability from these well-made retro wares.

Plus Clark stands behind their products with warranties against manufacturer’s defects. So while trends fade, your glasses should keep rockin’ those vibrant frames years after purchase.

Care and Maintenance

To keep your Clark glasses looking and feeling like new, be sure to:

  • Clean regularly – Use warm soapy water, an alcohol-free lens cleaner or detergent-free wipes to remove dirt, oils and skin cells that accumulate daily.
  • Store properly – Keep glasses in a clean, protective case when not in use to prevent scratches.
  • Adjust ear and nose pieces as needed so frames maintain a secure but gentle grip. Don’t overtighten!
  • Inspect frames periodically for damage or loose screws that require repair.

Follow these care instructions and your Clark eyewear will withstand the test of time – however long the chunky frame trend carries on!

Evaluating Other Eyewear Brands vs. Clark

Alternative Styles and Fits

As with shoes, when finding “the one” among brands, subtle physical variances make all the difference. While Clark pioneered the chunky plastic frame comeback, here’s how two top alternatives stack up:

Warby Parker – This popular DTC brand offers lighter weight acetate frames with sleeker, preppy styling (no neon colors). More rounded shapes and narrow fit. Great quality for the price.

Zenni – Extremely affordable frames made overseas. More limited shape selection but solid colors and diamond faceted edges provide a modern twist. Durability varies.

Before ordering elsewhere, I recommend trying Clark frames in person to identify best fit. Then you can judge if alternatives measure up eye comfort and style wise.

Pricing Differences

As a designer brand sold through independent optical shops, Clark glasses cost more than mass-market brands – but deliver better quality, styling and fit. Expect to invest around $300.

Direct-to-consumer companies like Warby Parker offer hip frames for under $100. But potential hassles returning/exchanging incorrectly sized frames offsets the savings. Value leader Zenni sells glasses online for as little as $15 – though hit or miss durability makes them more temporary fashion.

In the $100-$300 range, Clark still brings best-in-class retro appeal. Though paying more doesn’t automatically equal better vision or comfort. Shop multiple options in your budget for the right look and feel!

Brand Reputation

Around since 1961, Clark eyewear has decades of heritage creating frames people love to wear. Known for innovating style, comfort and quality, they remain dedicated exclusively to eyeglasses – not sunglasses or sports gear.

Accumulating over 60 years of expertise catering specifically to eyeglass wearers gives Clark serious cred among opticians. They still hand assemble frames from unique, custom-created materials in their Philadelphia factory.

While the brand may have fallen out of favor for a period, today’s trends have cemented their iconic status once again. So if you want the original vintage-modern aesthetic done to current quality standards, go Clark or go home!


Finding that perfect pair means balancing aesthetics, fit and vision needs – specific to your face, eyesight and lifestyle. While the look of Clark’s colorful chunky frames may not suit everyone, their attention to anatomical details makes them comfier than average retro spectacles.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of why Clark eyewear is surging in popularity again. When you want to make an optical fashion statement rooted in authentic American craftsmanship and quality, these hip throwbacks deliver eye-catching, easy-wearing appeal. Don’t just take my word for it though. Next trip to the optometrist, give them a try yourself!

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