Features List:

 Break Reminder
Break Presets
Setup Wizard
Office Exercises
Eye Exercises
Tiny Progress Window
Daily Work Limit
Work Log
 Takes Screenshots & Email
 Password Protect Settings
Right Posture Reminder
Quotes on break screen
Dual Monitor Support
Screen Resolution Switch
Custom Transparency & color
Clocks with Flags of Countries
 Custom Reminders
Free Tech Support
& much more

Why use a break reminder?

When we work on computer, the eye blink rate decreases by 70%. The “Eye Blinking Rate” average is 18 Times/Per minute,  but it comes to 4 Times/per minutes from 18 Times /per minute while working on computer. A simple rule you can follow: when you work for 20 minutes, look at least 20 feet or 6 meters away for  20 seconds. EyeProtectorPro can remind you to look away, take breaks and much more. Computer related health is one of those “easy to miss” issues. For instance, who would have ever thought that there is a right way and a wrong way to use a computer? It is highly likely that you can do even more from the standpoint of improved health, maintenance of lifestyle comfort, plus better efficiency in the work you perform while sitting at your PC or using your laptop.

Why Trust EyeProtectorPro:

No Adware/Spyware

Never have to worry about having unwanted Adware or Spyware.

Tiny Window

Monitor how much time is left to next break.

Low CPU Usage

Our software does not slow down your PC, It runs with almost “ZERO” CPU usage!


It works on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

seals_softpedia_windowsEyeProtectorPro works on any windows PC. We have spent countless hours on tweaking and testing EyeProtectorPro to make it work on any Windows PC. Download your copy now!

Inbuilt Right Posture Reminder

EyeProtectorPro not only helps you take breaks but also helps you keep the right posture while working on the computer. It shows tips about body position and workplace setup, so that you are comfortable and don’t get repetitive strain injury. Individuals and corporations alike can now get “ personal trainer” types of benefits while performing work related tasks on their computers.

Posture is key to understanding the mechanics of RSI. Poor posture is a major contributing factor to the development of Repetitive Stress Injuries, along with sitting without breaks for long periods of time. These practices along with the arms being out from the body, flexed for typing, are major components in the development of RSI because of the strain placed upon many muscles throughout the body. These muscles can shorten and become denser, which leads to a decrease in circulation to the shoulders, neck, and arms. The good news is that a person can completely prevent RSI, and can also reverse it by improving their posture and following a few simple rules while working.

What Others are Saying…

“Essential to those working on computer for long time”

It does not only remind you to take a rest but also it tells you what to do and how to do to save your eyes and avoid head, neck and back pains.

Let me tell you one fact: Before I tried this software I’d visited an ophthalmologist. She gave me some important tips and exercises for my eyes because as IT person I’m forced to set for a long time in front of the screen.


March 08, 2014

“This what I wanted to relieve headache”

When I was looking for software to relieve headache, I found this software. In my case, it really worked. This software periodically urges you to look away, stretch your joints etc. I knew I should do that before using this software, but I just kept on working for hours and suffering from headache in a few days time. This also includes some advice to avoid VDT (Visual Display Terminal)Syndrome. This is also easy to use. This is the only software developed for relieving VDT Syndrome and I would recommend anyone who is suffering from it (Also, stretching your joints, especially around your neck, and walking around whenever you can).


October 15, 2013

“An eye saver!”

Before, I often ended my workday with weariness and blurred vision, and from time to time headaches. After installing EyeProtectorPro and following its regimen (I use small breaks every 10 minutes and larger 8 minute break after 50 minutes), I no longer experience any negative side effects of overworking and my eyesight is sharper at the end of the day. Additionally, the big plus of the software are lifetime updates and assistance.


July 04, 2013